It all started when…

Bead Studio + Design owner and creator, Michelle Allen, began her creative process as a young child growing up in South Africa. Drawn to the use of natural materials through art and sewing learned at an early age, a natural progression was established in a successful first venture, Queen Bee Bags, a totally unique handbag that each were one of a kind. When the company became too large to manufacture each bag as a handmade creation, Michelle directed her attention to creating designs for gifts and home in a manner that she and her team of artisans could work on each piece individually and retain each designs integrity. Bead Studio + Design was launched, and with the help of an excellent sales representative force, the business has grown at a successful rate.

Michelle enjoys the creative process of searching out new designs through materials found in nature as well as symbols of importance in everyday life, experiences, locations, and holidays. Looking at these significances make each piece unique, whether it is an oyster shell from the beach, a religious symbol, or simply the name desired by the person who purchases it. Beads and natural fabrics are the vehicles which can bring them together, and custom designs are part of the handmade process.

Michelle consistently searches for new ideas to implement in the design process, and welcomes those involved in any phase of the business for creative ideas.

Bead Studio + Design creations are unique in many ways. Each design is handcrafted, a totally one of kind design. The design team closely tries to replicate each design, but the fact that each is made by hand is a true design in itself. The materials and colors are painstakingly chosen to stay true to the original mission statement. Quality control is placed in the forefront for each design, and the replacement policy for any design shipped is always met with immediate “customer satisfaction first”.

Family is a big part of the success and implementation of her original designs. Michelle’s daughter Megan is totally committed to the production and overseeing her mother’s creative process, and the other members of the design and production team work closely to insure Bead Studio + Design’s success. A family atmosphere is a big part of the overall cohesiveness, in the studio and warehouse at all times.

Michelle’s family roots play a huge role in the business’s creative process and direction. Born in Durban, South Africa, a country known for its beautiful landscapes and oceans, vibrant colors, wildlife, and tremendous diversity, Michelle had the backdrop for a very visual artistic path. Her mother Margi is an extremely accomplished painter and creator that resides in Savannah, Georgia, and both work closely on the creative process together. Michelle and her mother are accomplished home designers as well, and each share an eclectic sense of unique style which reflects their artistic passions.